How Can Companies Engage Remote Workers?

Most of our customers have switched to remote work where possible this year.  We’ve helped a lot of them utilize unfamiliar tools, software, and services to help their employees stay connected.  The transition to remote work was tough for people who are used to working from an office and yelling over the cubicle wall when they want to ask someone a question,   Fortunately, there are a lot of communication tools available to help employees be happy and productive while working remotely.

Enter: Microsoft Teams

One tool that you may already own is Microsoft Teams.  You’ve heard of Zoom, Webex, GotoMeeting, Slack, Jabber, and a whole slew of other tools.  Microsoft Teams is a platform, rather than just a tool.  The Teams platform includes online meetings, screen sharing, chat, document storage, channels, and presence information.  These features make it a great choice to help remote workers feel more connected and engaged with the company and their co-workers.  You may be able to replace  most of the aforementioned tools with Microsoft Teams, barring a few exceptions.  You may even be able to do it with minimal effort and a little bit of employee training.

Teams it is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office suite and Microsoft 365.  As a result, we feel it is infinitely more useful for your employees than competing services.  It is harder to keep your employees engaged and connected with the rest of their team when they are constantly moving between different tools and services.  For instance, a best-of-breed service like Webex for online meetings is great.  Combine Webex with Jabber  and a separate document storage tool and you’ve got some great tools that are disparate and disconnected.  Offering them a platform such as Teams that is hyper-connected will make their lives easier and give them more time to connect with co-workers.

Teams can be used for traditional calling services.  It can replace your telephone system, complete with extensions, 911 support, auto-attendants, call queues, and number transfers.  These features enable remote workers to have their desk phone wherever they have a Teams client.  This includes their PC, smartphone, or even a physical phone they can plug into their network at home.

Ideas for Using Teams to Engage Remote Workers

  • Host a lunch meeting where your employees bring their own lunch and eat together to catch up
  • Use HD voice and video so people can see each other rather than just calling each other on the phone
  • Chat in the teams client, rather than just sending emails
  • Collaborate on documents in real-time using the teams client and voice calling
  • Employees can share their screens to collaborate using software installed on their PCs

We really love Teams and think your employees will, too!  For more information on Microsoft Teams, watch this great introductory video.

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