Managed IT for Apps and Servers

Are you still changing backup tapes and worrying about upgrades to your core business applications?  Let us do the IT while you run the business.

You focus on your business, we focus on technology.

IT exists so your employees can access the apps they need to run your business.  We manage your apps and the servers they run on.  We also manage your vendors.  Stop wasting your valuable time on IT.

The Best Support Available

We guarantee you’ll receive a response in 5 minutes or you will receive a credit on your next bill.

App and Server Management, Simplified

We use the best tools available to make sure your apps and servers are running smoothly and accessible when they need to be.


24x7 Monitoring

We utilize best of breed monitoring tools to keep an eye on your environment 24×7.  We will identify and fix problems before they affect your business


Security is daunting.  We utilize the best tools available to keep your business and your technology safe and secure.


All software needs to be updated on a regular basis, both for usability and for security.  We patch apps and servers on a monthly basis to ensure you’re always optimized and protected. 

Backup and Recovery

Your data is a critical asset.  You need the ability to recover in the event of ransomware or a crashed system.  We protect all of your data and systems using industry leading tools.

Vendor Management

Managing IT vendors takes time away from running your business.  We handle support calls and conversations while only pulling your team in when necessary.


Vulnerability Scanning

A vulnerability is an open door that exposes your business to unnecessary risk by letting the bad guys in.  We scan to make sure the doors are closed.

App Troubleshooting

If you have a server, it is running a critical app.  When that app has problems, we will do the troubleshooting and work with the vendor so you don’t have to.

Technology Lifecycle

Technology doesn’t last forever.  We keep an eye on supported versions and help you determine when to lifecycle critical apps and servers.

Technology Reviews

We conduct bi-yearly technology reviews with your team to help with budgeting, reduce costs, and esure you’re using everything you own.

Simple Yet Flexible

Even though our base offering includes the features, applications, and services we feel most businesses need, we do understand that IT isn’t one size fits all.  In cases where our standard employee offering doesn’t quite meet your needs, we have add-ons available.

Ready to Get Started?

Our process is simple.  You provide basic information about your business and we send a quote back within 24-hours.  No pressure and no hassle.