Get the Security Your Business Actually Needs

Born out of 25+ years of consulting, our onshore Managed Security services help protect businesses of all sizes from the most advanced threats such as insider attacks, ransomware, and phishing attacks.  We use a layered approach to protect your users, applications, cloud services, and everything in between.  Security isn’t just a toolset, it’s a mindset.  Let us be an extension of your team so you can focus on your business while maintaining peace of mind.

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Improve Your Security Posture, Protect Your Bottom Line

How long would your business survive after a ransomware attack?  No business is in a position to find out.  Our onshore, fully managed security service offers an unparallaled level of protection for businesses of any size at a cost that can’t be beat.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

Next generation, behavior based analytics to stop the most sophisticated attacks.

Office 365 Email Protection

Visual indicators to flag emails as safe, potentially unsafe, or risky.

Log Monitoring

A Fully managed logging toolset that ingests server, network, and cloud service logs.

Office 365 Alerting

Identify risky logins, unwanted mail routing rules, password policy modifications.

Intrusion Detection

We watch your network for unwanted or malicioius access.

Onshore 24x7x365 SOC

Highly qualified onshore security operations center watching your systems all the time.

Safeguard Your Business With ITSimpli

  • Endpoint protection for your users
  • Email protection for every incoming email
  • Proactive network and server log analysis
  • Cloud service protection through direct integrations
  • A full team of onshore, certified security professionals watching everything 24x7x365
  • Advanced, AI based analysis of all events and alerts.

Get Peace of Mind with Us!

One of our security professionals will meet with you for 30 minutes to provide a FREE cyber-health checkup and provide real feedback on what can be improved!

Why Organizations Need Managed Security Services?

The traditional methods of protecting systems are no longer strong enough to ward off the latest phishing and ransomware threats.  Every day there are reports of business crippled by ransomware and hackers gaining access through advanced phishing campaigns.  Next generation threats require next generation tools.  Most organizations just don’t have the resources available to fully protect their users, applications, and networks.

In smaller organizations, a managed security service acts as a team member, taking the burden of managing security off of the owner or a tech-savvy employee.  In a medium to large organization, a managed security service can help augment resource constrained IT departments and take the burden of securing the environment off of traditional IT staff.  In both cases, the managed security service provides a level of expertise, organization, and compliance that is almost unattainable by most internal IT departments.

Choosing a managed security service that brings its own toolset has a lot of advantages as well.  Most organizations that attempt to use best of breed tools end up only implementing the features they have experience with.  A lot of security tools end up being underutilized and not worth the investment.  In contrast, a quality managed security service that uses the same toolset across many customers will have a deep understanding of how to implement and manage that toolset way more effectively.  This brings a higher-quality security solution into any environment, thus providing a greater level of protection and peace of mind.

Sending employees to security training only goes so far when combatting the latest threats.  Security expertise is gained through real world experience, not through vendor training.  Most organizations are unable to find the level of expertise necessary to combat the latest threats, because those threats are always changing and evolving.  A dedicated managed security service sees many threats across many customers, almost in real-time as they are happening.

A managed security service can provide up to date, quality expertise to organizations freeing up IT staff or even business owners to work on things that directly affect the bottom line.